May 12, 2016

Depression post | Reaction

I came across a Dutch page on Facebook with the title 'Depressed fan asks J.K. Rowling a very emotional question and gets this fantastic response' and I was so curious. I clicked on the page and then you could see two images, the tweet of the Fan and J.K Rowling's response:
I think this is one of the most beautiful acts someone can do. I struggle with self-harm and it's something really serious. There are times when I doubt whether I'm taking the right choice by not cutting. My best friend and my boyfriend keep me going and they're the main reason why I'm still trying to stop cutting. When I was reading the tweet of the fan, my eyes began to form tears. I can relate to her and that's why I'm making this post. If you're reading this and you're feeling sad or depressed, or just want to talk to me, please send me a mail: .

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