9 May 2017

April make-up expenses

I was inspired by Jolien Nathalie's post about her monthly make-up expenses, and I decided to do the same. I really like the concept, it's really original and it may be confronting! Click here to read Jolien Nathalie's post, she's amazing!

Week 1 (1-9)
Essence chrome eyeliner pen: 02 do you hear the chirping birds? €1.99 
Essence blender brush €1.59 
Essence 2in1 eyeshadow & liner 07 rosy happiness €2.89
Essence ultra last lipliner 01 lavender blender €1.89
Ardell natural eyelashes in 110 black €5.99

Total: €14.35

Week 2 (10-16)
Nyx Wicked Lippie in 10 Power €7.20

Total: €7.20

Week 3 (16-23)

Total: €0.00

Week 4 (24-30)
2B Blush Powder Highlighter in 01 Silver €4.95, but I had to pay €2.47 because I had 50% off!
Essence powder brush 2.99

Total: €5.46

= 27.01

I think it's not that much to be honest. I do know that these are all cheap brands, but I do love these brands and I think they're even worth more than that they are. Not that I mind of course! 😉

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