4 Jul 2017

From everyday make-up to festival make-up | Tutorial

Hi guys! The festival season is here in Belgium so I decided to create an everyday make-up look and some things you can add when you're going to a festival. Glitter and stars are a festival trend lately so I was inspired to make one too! I love wearing warm tones and I think the gold is such a beautiful extra to the look!

Everyday look:
1. One of the most important steps to prevent creasing,... : prime your eyelids with a primer. I love this primer so much, it's cheap and it does its job!

2. I love these little Nyx palettes. I have a cool-toned edition and this warm-toned edition. Use the warm brown shade in the crease and on the lash line.

3. Then use a red and orange shade to deepen the crease and the lash line.

4. Use a highlighting shade (preferable with some gold in it) to highlight the inner part of your eyelid.

5. Make a little liner to hide the lash band later and also use the gel eyeliner on your upper waterline.

6. Wear mascara and eyelashes to make the eye look complete.

7. Use a gold highlighter to match with the rest of the look.

8. And the final step for the everyday look: liquid lipstick!

Festival look:
9. Apply gold eyeliner on your lower waterline.

10. Apply some glitter on top of your golden highlighter to give it something extra.

11. Look for some stars in your local craft store to apply in under your lash line. It looks really cute and I cannot wait to use the stars again!

12. And give your lips something extra by drawing a golden stripe in the middle of your lower lip

And that's it! 💛

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