June make-up expenses

 I was inspired by Jolien Nathalie's post about her monthly make-up expenses, and I decided to do the same. I really like the concept, it's really original and it may be confronting! Click here to read Jolien Nathalie's post, she's amazing!

Week 1 (1-4)
Essence refreshing hair fragrance 01 you'll never moonwalk alone! €3.39
Essence eyeshadow stick 01 never miss a chance to dance! €2.59

Total: €5.98

Week 2 (5-11)

Total: €0.00

Week 3 (12-18)
Essence sun protect lip conditioner in 01 destination: vacation €2.39
Catrice Volume Lash Dust in C01 Irresistible Eyes €3.99
I have a review for the Catrice Volume Lash Dust!

Total: €6.38

Week 4 (19-25)

Total: €0.00

Week 5 (26-30)
Essence blush brush 01 s'peach & splash! €2.89
HEMA eyeshadow brush & smudge 256 €2.00
HEMA eyeshadow blending brush 105 €3.50
2B Highlighter Blush Powder in 01 Silver €4.95
2B Eyeliner Waterproof in 08 Burgundy €3.95
Garnier Pura Active Charcoal €6.69

Total: €23.98

= €36.34
I didn't have the time to go all crazy and buy a lot of make-up until the last week because I had my exams. And I did go crazy lol! I'm happy with what I've bought and I think I didn't spend too much!
I really like Essence refreshing hair fragrance and the sun protect lip conditioner. I also had to buy another 2B Highlighter Blush Powder because mine broke 😢. I've tried the Garnier Charcoal once, so I cannot say if it works or not, but I'll make a review! And keep an eye out for the Catrice Volume Lash Dust review, it will be up soon!