November make-up expenses

Week 1 (1–5)

Total: €0.00

Week 2 (6–12)
Essence Metal Shock 02 Stars & Stories Eyeshadow €3.59
Nyx Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipstick in 35 Biker Babe €8.30
Nyx Vinyl Liquid Liner in Black €8.30
Nyx White Liquid Liner €8.30

Total: €28.49

Week 3 (13–19)
Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland Lashes 01 Take Me To Wonderland €2.99
Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland Dazzling Eye & Lip Pencil 02 Chrome Into My Life €1.89
Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland Highlighter 01 Sprinkle Fairy Dust Wherever You Go €3.59
Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland Eyebrow & Lash Top Coat 01 Pink Dreams Are Made Of This €2.59
#ProArtist Freedom Pro HD Magnetic Empty Palette €5.99
#ProArtist Freedom Pro HD Pro Eyeshadow Matte 05 €2.49
#ProArtist Freedom Pro HD Pro Eyeshadow Matte 09 €2.49

Total: €19.26
(-€2.77 because I had a discount on the Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland collection)

Week 4 (20–26)

Total: €0.00

Week 5 (27–30)

Total: €0.00

= €47.75
I bought another Nyx Liquid Suede Metallic Matte because I couldn’t get enough of my first one (Modern Maven). I had to buy my Nyx Vinyl liner again because my liner was empty and I also bought a white liner because I wanted to try out some detailing work with a white liner. I haven’t used the liner yet, but when I swatched it I could see that the liner has a matt finish. I have a review coming for the Essence Step Into Wonderland collection, so keep an eye out for that. The #ProArtists Freedom eyeshadows are really good! There is some fallout, but I don’t mind at all!

Inspiration: Jolien Nathalie