8 Nov 2017

October make-up expenses

Week 1 (1–8)
Catrice Glam & Doll False Lashes 10 Black Waterproof Mascara €3.99
#ProArtist Freedom Pro Highlight Powder: Brighten €3.49

Total: €5.28
(-€1.20 because I has a discount on the Catrice mascara)
(-€1.00 because I had a discount on the Freedom highlighter)

Week 2 (9–15)
Essence Eyeshadow Palette: 01 no tricks, just treats €3.39
Essence Duo Pencil Lip, Eye & Face: 01 I’m a Ghost Writer €1.99
Essence Duo Pencil Lip, Eye & Face: 02 you look bootiful tonight €1.99
Essence (S) cream Contouring Set: 01 too cute to spook €3.39
Essence Lashes: 01 hello queen and pumpking €2.99
Essence Liquid Matt Lipstick 01 no more bat days €2.59
Essence Liquid Matt Lipstick 02 where did i park my broom? €2.59
Essence Liquid Matt Lipstick 03 you make my heart go boo €2.59

Total: €21.52

Week 3 (16–22)
Cien Foundation 010 Shell €1.99

Total: €1.99

Week 4 (23–31)
GWA Fairy Lashes (available at Primark) €4.00
Primark Concealer Brush €3.50
Kiko Milano Eyeshadow Palette in 03 Welcome To The Jungle €12.95

Total: €11.35
(-€9.10 because I has a discount of 70% on the Kiko eyeshadow palette)

= €40.14
First of all, I want to say that I made my pictures a little darker because I wanted it to look a little darker and scarier because October is the Halloween month! 👻🎃 And I also forgot to take a picture of the Cien foundation, sorry! I’m such a bad blogger!!!
Now some more information about all the products that I’ve bought. I love the Freedom highlighter because it’s pink and cute. I repurchased the Catrice mascara because I had a discount on Catrice products and I love this mascara, I even mentioned it in my October favourites. I love the Essence Halloween collection and I have a review for those products up on my blog, so make sure to check that out! I’ve tried the Cien foundation the same day I bought it, and it seemed really good. I haven’t worn it for an entire day yet because I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, it’s even my first foundation that I’ve ever bought and ever used! And on the last picture you can see 3 items that I haven’t used yet, so I can’t say anything about those products yet. But I do know that I am going to buy more of the Girls With Attitude lashes because they look so cute and wow!

Inspiration: Jolien Nathalie 

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