26 Jan 2018

Top 5 cancelled TV shows

I hate it when they cancel a TV show… There will always be someone that still want to continue the show. Well, here are my top 5 cancelled TV shows, these are all in alphabetical order!

1. Conviction (2016)
Conviction is about a team of 5 who reopen cases when they suspect there’s a wrongful conviction. This TV show is so good because it’s interesting and you also want to get to know the main character. She’s really special but you don’t know her entirely. Too bad that they cancelled Conviction… Make sure to check out the trailer!

2. Eye Candy (2015)
Eye Candy tells the story of Lindy, who starts online-dating because her friend made her. While going on dates with different guys, she suspects that one of them might be a deadly cyber stalker. Eye Candy was so good and so addictive! Make sure to check out the trailer!

3. The Secret Circle (2011–2012)
The Secret Circle is a TV show about witches. When all of them are together, they are able to unlock the full extent of their powers. The Secret Circle was such an interesting show about witches so make sure to check out the trailer!

4. Twisted (2013–2014)
Twisted is about Danny who was charged with killing his aunt when he was younger. He has spent five years in juvenile detention and then goes back to school. When a classmate was murdered, everyone thinks that Danny has done it… Twisted was so addictive and there’s such a big question mark at the end of the show. I want to know more but sadly I cannot! Make sure to check out the trailer!

5. Witches of East End (2013–2014)
Witches of East End tells the story of 4 witches, and 2 of them reincarnate all the time, but this time it’s their last life. This is yet another interesting TV show about witches. Make sure to check out the trailer!


  1. I’ve never watched any of these haha! But I hate it when they cancel shows!!
    One I love the most is Firefly. They only aired for one season and they thought it wasn’t gonna be big. Turns out it got pretty famous after they cancelled it.



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