Wish list #3

And here we are already with a third wish list! I was in a colourful mood so I searched for some colourful make-up items, book cover, …

Title: The Donor
Author: Nikki Rae
Info: Goodreads

I love every book written by Nikki Rae, so I want to own all of them! I really love this cover with the girl and the blood! The Donor is such an amazing book so make sure to check it out!

Brand: Attitude Europe
Size: 38
Price: €144.99
Website: Attitude Europe

I’ve always wanted creepers because they look so cool and I am an alternative girl so they would fit me perfectly! Unfortunately, they’re so expensive but these are one of the only pairs I found online that looked good and had decent specifications. 

Funko Pop
Fandom: Twilight
Number: 323
Website: Funko

I am a huge Twilight fan so I just have to own this Bella Funko Pop in her wedding dress. I love the wedding dress and when I’m going to marry someday, I want an inspired dress!

Make-up sponge
Brand: XoBeauty
What: Flawless Finish Sponge
Price: €10.96
Website: XoBeauty

I want to try out Shannon’s make-up sponge because it looks so good and it’s black 😏

Brand: Jeffree Star Cosmetics
What: Velour Liquid Lipstick
Shade: No Tea, No Shade
Price: $18
Website: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

And the last item is a Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick. I want to own a lot of JSC lipsticks, but definitely this shade! It looks so beautiful and metallic!

Let me know what you would buy from these products! ❤