27 Apr 2018

The Tomorrow Concept

The Tomorrow Concept is created by the lovely Ella and I was tagged by her to do The Tomorrow Concept. Ella is such a lovely and strong person, and I’m happy that we met because of The Green Button Campaign.

Ella’s blog post: https://todaytomorrowforeverella.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/the-tomorrow-concept/
Ella’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/todaytomorrowforeverella/
Ella’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/todaytomorrowforever.ella/
Ella’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/today_t_forever

  • Include the wonderful logo. 
  • Link this blog post to yours, providing the original post and rules to nominees.
  • Thank your nominator and show some love by providing a link to their blog, and social media accounts if you are feeling generous lovelies!
  • Answer the 5 questions which you will find below…
  • Add your own 6th question related to self-love.
  • Nominate all the people you can think of from 3–300 and compliment each person you nominate in your post – it is all about sharing the love and notion of self-love that is too often lost.

The questions

1. What three words do you relate to ‘tomorrow’?
Hope, Beginnings, Recovery.

2. What would you say/remind someone who is losing faith in tomorrow?
Tomorrow is another day, another day to be happy and to smile, another day to not feel depressed and anxious. Never lose hope, because hope is what keeps us going.

3. What scares you and excites you the most about tomorrow?
The unknown. Sometimes it’s hard to know that tomorrow is another day that brings a lot of new things. Those new things can make me so nervous and anxious because I don’t know how I’ll react to those things. But, at the same time, I really like the unknown because then my fantasy can go out of control.

4. List three reasons why you matter and/or are beautiful (because you do and you are!)
I matter because I am strong, passionate and caring.

5. List 3 reasons why tomorrow is worth fighting for.
You never know what tomorrow will bring, maybe you will meet your soulmate or maybe you achieve one of your biggest goals. Tomorrow is worth fighting for because tomorrow is another day that leads to recovery and because it’s the next day. It’s easy to lose hope today, but tomorrow is another day to try and find hope again.

6. What do you love the most about yourself and why?
I love that I’m so passionate. I can be passionate in a relationship, but also in what I’m doing. I love being creative, such as drawing in my Bullet Journal or creating content for my blog. Being passionate about something makes everything better for me.

My sixth question for you
What makes you happy/smiles?

And I nominate everyone who wants to do The Tomorrow Concept.


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