Lazy make-up tips (Guest post written by Rebecca Jayne)

Hey guys, I’m Rebecca Jayne, Shirley asked me to submit a guest post so here’s some lazy make-up tips!

We’ve all been there, you want to look good, but you want a lie in, and I respect that. Don’t worry though I’ve got some cute hints and tips to make you look good and stay in bed longer.

My go to lazy make-up includes: 

Foundation – choose one you trust, the quickest way to apply flawless foundation is with a beauty sponge, in my opinion, avoid thicker foundations or foundation sticks if you’re in a rush.

Eyeliner – okay so, apply eyeliner like roughly and quickly, get a face wipe and wipe over your eyeliner, you will be left with this subtle black smoked out liner and it’s so effortless!

Mascara – Because I don’t really do an eyeshadow look if I’m in a rush I tend to opt for a mascara that won’t make my eyelashes clumpy and helps to lift them to make me look more awake, also a neutral shade in your water line will have this effect.

Highlighter – I like this to be the focus of my lazy looks, my Stila heavens hue is quick to apply and has a really pretty glow for natural make-up looks; it also works well as a nice shine for an eyeshadow.

Bronzer – because who wants a flat one tone make-up look?

Lip gloss/balm – not necessary but it’s cute and simple. For a more in a rush but glam look just glam up bronzer, lip styles and in some eyeshadow, choose one shade and fade it form the lid upwards; a nice yet fast look.

Cute yet effortless hairstyles:
  • A go to for me, to add some depth is to sleep with my hair in a twisted bun, take it and add some texturizing spray. The same effect can be found by sleeping with braids except this adds more of a wavy style! 
  • If you know you’re in a rush in the morning, curl your hair the night before and hairspray, this will hold the curls for the next day! 
  • If you have a little more time, maybe 5–10 minutes I know the perfect hairstyle that will trick everyone into thinking you’ve spent hours perfecting your look:
  1. Split your hair horizontally (bottom and top) 
  2. Split the top section of your hair into 3 sections and simply plait these sections. 
  3. Take each plait individually and twist them into a flat circle. 
  4. Pin in place! 
  5. Hairspray! 
I hope these tips come to mind next time you’re in a rush. If you liked this post be sure to follow my socials using my handle @rebeccajblog where you can also find the link to my blog!

RJ xo