24 Feb 2020

March Bullet Journal set up

March’s theme is pretty simple, but I still like it. I found a cute sticker pack at Action with flower-themed stickers and I couldn’t not buy it! Before I show you my pictures, I want to say sorry for the weird angle. I had to take these pictures in this angle because otherwise, you couldn’t see the stickers because of the lighting. I’m sorry!

You can find all my previous Bullet Journal posts here.

The first page is my monthly overview together with my ‘to do’ and ‘to read’ list.

Then we have my weekly spreads. Just like last month, I decided to put a mini habit tracker on my weekly spreads. It saves me a lot of time and I think it gives an overview of why I did or did not do something. Some of my weekly overviews look a bit different from the others, that’s because the stickers aren’t the same size.

And the last two pages are the last weekly spread and the monthly wrap up. Since the last two days of March are on a Monday and Tuesday, I decided to draw Monday and Tuesday and not an entire week. I also kind of messed up so that’s why I put the big sticker in the middle where I usually write Wednesday. I thought of making a smaller habit tracker for two days but I messed up the design. FML. But I fixed it with a sticker lol. Stickers are the best! Since I messed up the habit tracker, I just made two very simple ones. Nothing changed with my monthly wrap up, it’s still the same.

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19 Feb 2020

If I Let You Go | Review

Title: If I Let You Go
Author: Kyra Lennon
Pages: 119 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Rating: ★★★★


Madison Connor is about to lose it. Her job, that is. For three years, she’s taken care of Dominic Hartley’s five year old daughter, Tilly, but her world is flipped on its head when Dominic tells her his latest promotion is taking him to New York. With Tilly having a meltdown over the move, Madison and Dominic get into a fight that changes the entire nature of their relationship, causing Madison to ask herself a big question. Can she let him go?


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kyra Lennon!

If I Let You Go is a novella about Madison and Dominic.

If I Let You Go is the fourth book I’ve read by Kyra Lennon and I really liked it! If I Let You Go is a short read but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great book. In fact, I really liked it because it was so short. It’s the perfect read when you want to read a Romance story that you can finish in a few hours!

I really enjoyed reading this novella about Maddie and Dominic. Maddie has done everything for Dominic’s daughter so it’s no surprise that she’s hurt when Dominic tells her he’s leaving to New York with his daughter. I think that Maddie is an amazing character because she takes care of Dominic’s daughter like she’s her own. Dominic is a bit stupid because he doesn’t really realise what he has: Maddie and his daughter.

If I Let You Go was such a good book. I really enjoy reading short books in between big ones so this was the perfect book for me! If I Let You Go is a quick and enjoyable read, and I cannot wait to read the Kyra Lennon’s next book!

17 Feb 2020

Inebriated | Blog tour

Title: Inebriated
Series: Inebriated #1
Author: Katey Taylor
Tour schedule: xpressobooktours.com/inebriated


Barely seventeen and as pretty as can be: the summer is their playground. Cait and her best friends Steph and Allie take on San Francisco’s party scene with fake IDs and short dresses. 

When Cait meets Adrien Cross, the charismatic lead singer of her favorite indie band, she’s introduced to a hedonistic world of liquor and lust that she never wants to leave. But then that world spirals out of control and the harsh realities of reckless living take a toll on Cait and the ones she loves. What will be left when the makeup masks wash off, the bottles are empty, and Cait begins to lose her grip on everything?

Katey Taylor’s heart-wrenching debut novel will have you strapped into the intense rollercoaster ride of Cait’s life and one chaotic summer that will change it all.


This book was provided by the author through Wildfire Marketing Solutions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Katey Taylor and Wildfire Marketing Solutions!

Inebriated is the first book in the Inebriated series and tells the story of Cait and Adrien.

When I started reading this book, I thought everything was going to be different at the end of the book but it was not. I have some mixed feelings about this book. I really liked the concept of the story. I liked that Katey Taylor talked about addiction, death, family. But the thing that bothered me about this book was the main character and her interest.

Cait is a wild high school student who loves to party and drink with her friends. I’m not always okay with the choices she’s made in this book and that annoyed me. She’s so reckless and doesn’t think things through. Adrien is a struggling addict and musician and he doesn’t make the best choices either. Their relationship isn’t healthy at all…

As I mentioned before I have mixed feelings about Inebriated but I liked how the book ended. I’m really curious what Katey Taylor will write in the next book in the series, Neon Nights!

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About the author
Katey Taylor is the author behind the emotionally wrenching Young Adult Novel Inebriated. Katey’s passion for storytelling stemmed not long after she first learned to write with a pencil. Every story she writes is infused with a piece of her heart and her absolute muses of music and travel. She’s a San Francisco Bay Area native living in a house that sits on a bayside lagoon with her husband and two cats.