17 Feb 2016

The Long Road Home | Cover Reveal

Title: The Long Road Home
Author: Alec John Belle

Brooke never meant to survive, hoping that the suicide attempt would end all of her suffering. After years of rejection, pain, and heartbreak, she feels as though she's not good enough for anyone. Now she's stuck in a hospital, being forced to take antidepressants and is getting therapy for her issues.

And she hates it until she meets Matt.

Now Brooke must remember the past in order to better her future, while trying to keep her feelings for the new patient in check. In this heartbreaking novel, a young girl will laugh, cry, and fight to find her way home to the one place that's been ruined one too many times--her own heart.

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Full cover wrap

The cover is a bit different than we originally anticipated, but we feel as though it fits the story perfectly. The orange represents Brooke’s life in the past–the monochromatic phase in her life. The colors near the top represent her time in the hospital, looking for a brighter future, hoping to recreate herself and her life. (Alec John Belle)


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13 Feb 2016

Ravenclaw | New Pottermore test

A long while ago I did the Pottermore test to know in which house I'd be sorted and my result was Ravenclaw. Deep down I knew that I was a true Ravenclaw but I was really scared to do the new Pottermore test. A lot of my friends did the new test and were all sorted into the wrong houses. I postponed it because I was so affraid to be also sorted into the wrong house. But today, a few minutes ago, I finally found the courage to do it. And my result is...

I'm so so so happy that I'm still a Ravenclaw! I cannot wait for my Ravenclaw scarf to arrive and wear it with pride (and also extra pride because I'm still a Ravenclaw)!

Because I did the Sorting Hat test, I thought 'why not do the Wand test' (or how it's called) and my wand is...

I think my wand is awesome because it's a core of Unicorn hair, lol! But my previous wand (the one from the old Pottermore) is so different than this one! My previous wand was made of Holly, had a dragon core, was 12 3/4 in length and was slightly springy. Strange... But oh well, I'm happy with my new one!

My status about the Harry Potter books: I've read the first two books (I know I'm bad), but I'm trying to read one HP book per month, wish me goodluck!
Status about the Harry Potter movies: I've watched them all (of course).