30 Apr 2018

April favourites

  • Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) and Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I mentioned in my March favourites that I loved the first book in The Dark Elements series, so it’s no surprise that I loved the second and third book. With all three of the books, I couldn’t stop reading. They were all so good and I would love to have another book about Layla and Roth because I don’t want to miss them!
  • Opposition (Lux #5) and The Wedding (Lux #5.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I’ve been in love with the Lux series since book 1 and I it was obvious that I was going to love Opposition. Opposition was yet another great book written by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I cannot wait to express my thoughts in a review! Make sure to keep an eye out for my review coming in May!
  • milk and honey by Rupi Kaur
I’ve read so many good things about Rupi Kaur’s poetry so I just had to read it for myself. I borrowed milk and honey from the library and I read it one day because it was that good! I love Rupi Kaur’s work and I cannot wait to read more written by her!

Food & drinks
  • Innocent smoothies
My mum bought a lot of Innocent smoothies this month and I’ve been loving them. I’ve tried different smoothies, namely: Energise, Berry Protein, Uplift and Tropical Protein. My favourites are Energise, Berry Protein and Uplift.
  • Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena
I’ve been wearing this lipstick for my entire internship and I just love this lipstick. It’s such a beautiful shade of pink and it looks almost natural. I The formula is so good, it’s a matt finish but a smooth feeling on my lips. The lipstick isn’t drying at all!

TV shows
  • Skins season 1, 2, 3
I started watching Skins this month and I love it. It’s so strange but good at the same time. It’s just a bunch of teenagers living their lives and it’s so relatable (even though I don’t smoke and drink like that lol). I watched season 1, 2, 3this month and I also started watching season 4.

  • Disney gift tags
My mum bought these cute Disney gift tags from Action and they are so perfect to use them as bookmarks. They are so cute and I love them so much! They are also the ideal size for a bookmark, not too big and not too small!
  • Lush Green Coconut bath bomb
I went to Lush this month and I bought the Green Coconut bath bomb and it’s definitely one of my favourite bath bombs ever! I love the coconut smell of this bath bomb and there aren’t too many glitter in it, which my boyfriend really likes (he hates glitter, poor me). This bath bomb is vegan and contains coconut cream and cinnamon leaf oil. I cannot wait to try another bath bomb!
  • Bella funko pop
Twilight is a secret addiction of mine and I’ve always been in love with it. Now that Kruidvat was selling some of the Twilight funko pops, I just had to buy Bella. She looks so pretty and I just had to have her!

27 Apr 2018

The Tomorrow Concept

The Tomorrow Concept is created by the lovely Ella and I was tagged by her to do The Tomorrow Concept. Ella is such a lovely and strong person, and I’m happy that we met because of The Green Button Campaign.

Ella’s blog post: https://todaytomorrowforeverella.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/the-tomorrow-concept/
Ella’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/todaytomorrowforeverella/
Ella’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/todaytomorrowforever.ella/
Ella’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/today_t_forever

  • Include the wonderful logo. 
  • Link this blog post to yours, providing the original post and rules to nominees.
  • Thank your nominator and show some love by providing a link to their blog, and social media accounts if you are feeling generous lovelies!
  • Answer the 5 questions which you will find below…
  • Add your own 6th question related to self-love.
  • Nominate all the people you can think of from 3–300 and compliment each person you nominate in your post – it is all about sharing the love and notion of self-love that is too often lost.

The questions

1. What three words do you relate to ‘tomorrow’?
Hope, Beginnings, Recovery.

2. What would you say/remind someone who is losing faith in tomorrow?
Tomorrow is another day, another day to be happy and to smile, another day to not feel depressed and anxious. Never lose hope, because hope is what keeps us going.

3. What scares you and excites you the most about tomorrow?
The unknown. Sometimes it’s hard to know that tomorrow is another day that brings a lot of new things. Those new things can make me so nervous and anxious because I don’t know how I’ll react to those things. But, at the same time, I really like the unknown because then my fantasy can go out of control.

4. List three reasons why you matter and/or are beautiful (because you do and you are!)
I matter because I am strong, passionate and caring.

5. List 3 reasons why tomorrow is worth fighting for.
You never know what tomorrow will bring, maybe you will meet your soulmate or maybe you achieve one of your biggest goals. Tomorrow is worth fighting for because tomorrow is another day that leads to recovery and because it’s the next day. It’s easy to lose hope today, but tomorrow is another day to try and find hope again.

6. What do you love the most about yourself and why?
I love that I’m so passionate. I can be passionate in a relationship, but also in what I’m doing. I love being creative, such as drawing in my Bullet Journal or creating content for my blog. Being passionate about something makes everything better for me.

My sixth question for you
What makes you happy/smiles?

And I nominate everyone who wants to do The Tomorrow Concept.

26 Apr 2018

Fangs & Fins | Cover reveal

Fangs & FinsTitle: Fangs & Fins 
Series: Blood, Bloom & Water #1
Author: Amy McNulty
Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing
Release date: 1 May 2018

A dapper vampire. A sullen merman. Two heirs to a great conflict—and each needs to claim a beloved to become his kindred’s champion.

High school senior Ember Goodwin never had a sister, but after her mom’s remarriage, she now has two. The eldest is no stranger to her—Ivy is a witty girl in her grade who’s almost never spoken to the shy bookworm before—but she’s surprised to find the popular girl quite amiable. Their burgeoning friendship is tested, however, when Dean Horne, a pale, besuited charmer, shows interest in them both and plans to reveal his appetite for blood to the one who’ll stand by his side.

Seventeen-year-old Ivy Sheppard is tired of splitting her time between her dad’s and her mom’s, particularly when her dad uproots their lives to move them in with his new wife and step-daughter. Used to rolling with her parents’ whims, she tries to make the best of it and befriend her nerdy new step-sister. Her hectic life grows more unwieldy when she catches the eye of junior Calder Poole, whom she swears she sees swap well-toned legs for a pair of fins during a dip in a lake. Now she’s fending off suitors left and right, all while trying to get to the bottom of the strange happenings in her town.

The first book in the Blood, Bloom, & Water series sets family against family and friend against friend as an epic, ancient war comes to a head in a supposedly sleepy suburb.
Fangs & Fins
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079J57DVB/
Make sure to check out the book and mark it as to-read on Goodreads!

25 Apr 2018

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange brown & orange make-up look | Tutorial

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange As I mentioned in my I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange pink make-up look, I wrote a review of the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange palette and I created two looks for that review. Today I’m going to tell you how I created the brown & orange look and I think it’s my favourite look of both looks. I really like that the palette has a lot of warm tones because I like to experiment with warm tones and this is just the perfect palette for it.

Make sure to check out my review as well as my pink make-up look, and I hope you guys will love this look!

1. Prime your eyelids and set it with a light/white eyeshadow.
2. Use a light shade as a base so that the other colours will be vibrant.
3. Mix a brown and orange shade for the crease.
4. Use the yellow shade to mute the colours and blend the colours.
5. Use an orange shimmer shade on your eyelid.
6. Make the outer v darker by using a dark brown shade.
7. Apply some mascara and lashes. (I forgot to take a picture when I did my lower lash line. The colours that I used are the same colours that I used in 3.)
8. Apply the highlight shade from the palette.
9. And last but not least, apply some lipstick!

23 Apr 2018

Catching Stars | Review

Title: Catching Stars 
Author: Cayla Keenan
Pages: 269 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing
Release date: 8 May 2018


This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Oftomes Publishing!

Catching Stars tells the story of Jayin and Maddix. Jayin is a powerful witch and is determined to escape from Pavaal and Maddix is a human who’s been imprisoned for two years for a crime he didn’t commit. One day, they cross paths and since then they become allies even though they don’t think highly of each other. Will they both make it out alive when they try to run away?

Catching Stars started really slow for me. It was hard to go through the story, but the more chapters I read, the more interesting the story was. After those slow chapter, I couldn’t stop reading because I had to know how the story was going to end. I cannot get enough of Jayin and Maddix because they are clearly a match made in heaven even though they cannot see it yet!

Catching Stars is definitely one of the best witch books I’ve ever read and I cannot wait to read the sequel!

22 Apr 2018

the witch doesn't burn in this one | Review

Title: the witch doesn’t burn in this one
Series: women are some kind of magic #2
Author: Amanda Lovelace
Pages: 210 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Rating: ★★


This book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing!

the witch doesn’t burn in this one is a poetry collection about feminism, being confident, rape and many more inspiring subjects.

the witch doesn’t burn in this one is the first poetry collection I read written by Amanda Lovelace and I cannot wait to read her first book, the princess saves herself in this one. Amanda Lovelace’s poetry is so beautiful and inspiring and I couldn’t stop reading!

My favourite poems from the collection are:
  • the best kept
  • secret.
  • but i owe some things to myself, too.
  • trouble trouble.
  • survival.
  • you are your own lighthouse.
  • we tried to warn you.
  • they wanted us weak but they forced us to be strong.
  • my body rejects your desires.
  • expectations vs. reality.
  • everything is a distraction.
  • how to prevent getting sexually assaulted.
  • how to prevent sexually assaulting someone.
  • what men dream about.
  • she.
  • things i will struggle to say & that’s okay.
  • a witch knows mirrors do sometimes lie.
  • we need you here & whole.
  • your winter will come to an end.
  • no one will be left in dark, dusty corners.
the witch doesn't burn in this one

18 Apr 2018

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange pink make-up look | Tutorial

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange I recently wrote a review of the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange palette because I was so intrigued by the colours and I loved the smell of the palette. I created two different looks (which you can see in my review) and today I’m going to tell you how I created the first look, the pink look. I really liked the pink colours and I wanted to create something soft.

Make sure to check out my review and I hope you guys like this look as much as I do!

1. Prime your eyelids so that the colour payoff is 100%.
2. Use the light pink shade as a base colour.
3. Use the darker pink in the crease.
4. Use the highlighter shade as well as another shimmer shade on your eyelid.
5. Draw a small winged liner.
6. Apply some mascara as well as some lashes. (I forgot to take a picture when I did my lower lash line. The colours that I used are the same colours that I used in 2 and 3.)
7. Use the highlight shade as a highlighter.
8. And the final step is lipstick!

16 Apr 2018

Independence Realm | Review

Title: Independence Realm 
Author: Kevin J. Bernadt
Pages: 278 pages
Version: Paperback (ARC)
Publisher: Independence Realm Publishing
Rating: ★★


This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kevin J. Bernadt.

Independence Realm tells the story of three teenagers, Allets, Ryan and Maria, who end up in another realm, Independence Realm, by accident. The three friends were enjoying their summer break until all of a sudden there was a storm and that storm led them to Independence Realm. Arrived in Independence Realm they soon figure out that they are destined to save Independence Realm from the king and queen, but will they be able to succeed?

Independence Realm was such a slow read, but at the same time a fast read. Everything that happened to the characters went by so fast and they could handle everything so easily. Everything was never a real effort for the characters and that made the book go fast. But it was also a slow read because I didn’t really get into the book. It wasn’t that interesting and kind of boring. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the concept, but I think that the story is just not that well written.

The characters of Independence Realm are so obvious and stereotypical. The characters are also not in-depth, they are shallow and they easily accept that they have to save Independence Realm and they easily talk to strangers. Independence Realm is also full of slang which annoyed me.

I guess you can say that this is Kevin J. Bernadt’s first novel because it’s not that well written and the story needs some depth. I wish I liked this story because the concept sounds really interesting!

13 Apr 2018

When We Collided inspired make-up look | Tutorial

When We Collided I really loved When We Collided because it’s such a beautiful book and mental health is really important for this story. I couldn’t help creating an inspired make-up look, because I really liked the colours on the cover. I know, I went a little overboard with green but I was just so excited lol. I also tried something new by creating this double pink liner. Due to my hooded eyes, you cannot always see it but I still wanted to create it. It’s something new and I really like it and I cannot wait to experiment with it more!

I hope you guys like this tutorial and make sure to check out the book!

1. First things first: prime your eyelids with some eyeshadow primer and set it with a white/light eyeshadow.
2. Use a green eyeshadow all over your eyelid and crease.
3. Make a winged liner and a liner in the crease with a pink eyeliner.
4. Use a yellow (or two) shade as an inner corner shade.
5. Fill in your waterline with a blue eyeliner and smudge it with a blue eyeshadow.
6. Apply some mascara and lashes.
7. Something extra: I used a green highlighter in my inner corner and on my brow bone.
8. Highlight your entire face (just kidding!).
9. And the final step is lipstick!