I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange palette | Review

Product: Chocolate Orange palette 
Brand: I Heart Revolution (Makeup Revolution)
Price: €9.95-€11.23


I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I still wanted to review the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange palette because it’s just so pretty! When I first found out that the palette was going to be released, I immediately put it on my wish list. It’s just such a beautiful warm-toned palette, and I couldn’t resist buying it. I may be late, but I don’t care because I love the palette!

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange

The Chocolate Orange palette has 16 shades, 2 highlight shades, 4 shimmer shades and 10 matte shades. All these shades have an orange smell which makes it amazing to open the palette. The smell is definitely one of my favourite things about this palette. I don’t know why, but I really like the smell and it gives the palette something extra.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange
The top row:
1. Its Mine 
2. Clementine
3. Chocolate Orange
4. Ribbon
5. Silky Smooth

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange
The second row:
1. Gift
2. Tap It
3. Lush
4. Segment
5. Pip
6. Orange

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange
The bottom row:
1. Smash 
2. Peel
3. Dessert
4. Nibble
5. In One

I really like that the Chocolate Orange palette contains more matt shades than shimmer shades. I own another palette, the Chocolate-Golden Bar, and that palette only has shimmer shades. It’s nice to have some beautiful matte shades for in the crease. I really like the pigmentation of this palette, but I had some difficulties with the highlight and shimmer shades. They are a bit difficult to work with, but still manageable. The matt shadows have some fallout, but not too much.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange

Overall, I really like this palette and you can create a lot of different looks. You can create warm orange looks, brown looks and even pink looks. I have created two different looks for you guys, that will be up very soon! The first look is the pink look, that will be up next week, and then I have a brown & orange look that will be up a week after the pink look.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate OrangeI Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange

I hope you guys liked this review and are more determined to buy this gorgeous palette! Make sure to check out my blog next week for the pink tutorial!