Essence Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil | Review

Product: Micro Precise Eyerbow Pencil
Colour: 02 Light Brown
Brand: Essence
Rating: ★★★★

About this product

The pencil’s ultra-thin mine allows an accurate application for perfectly defined, natural eyebrows. The creamy matt texture lets you draw fine hair-like lines and visibly fill small gaps in the eyebrows with ease. The eyebrow pencil is also super long lasting. 


I had to buy a new eyebrow pencil because my favourite eyebrow pencil wasn’t available anymore since it was a limited edition. It was hard to find the exact shade, so I tried a different colour and I really like how it looks. But it’s not just about the looks, but also about the wear.

The Essence Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil claims to be super long lasting and I have to agree. I usually wear my make-up for over 12 hours, and my eyebrows were still on fleek after those 12 hours. The product doesn’t rub off easily and one time I slept with my make-up (don’t judge me) and the next that I only had to use some eyebrow gel because my eyebrows still looked amazing.

I really like the colour that I bought, 02 Light Brown, because it matches my hair and makes my brows a bit darker. I have light brows, more blond than brown, but I really like this colour. The limited edition eyebrow pencil was a bit more lighter, but I don’t mind the darker colour.

The pencil is really small so you can be really precise. I really like to outline my brows first, and with the thin pencil it’s easy to do that. Some people like to draw individual hairs and I think that would be possible with this eyebrow pencil because it’s just so small and precise.

The only reason that this product doesn’t get 5 stars is because I miss a mini brush at the end of the pencil. My limited edition brow pencil from Catrice had the perfect mini brush for my brows because I like natural brows, so now I have to use 2 products to get natural brows. Nevertheless I still recommend this eyebrow pencil because it’s amazing! I even bought a few extra pencils because I don’t want to run out of this product.


I wanted to share how I do my eyebrows because I really like them.

1. First I outline my brows.

2. Then I fill them in.

3. And after that, I use the mini brush from my other eyebrow pencil to soften the lines.

4. I set my brows with a clear eyebrow gel, I use the Catrice Lash & Brow Designer – Shaping and Conditioning Gel.

And that's it! I hope you guys like my review and mini tutorial!