I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange brown & orange make-up look | Tutorial

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange As I mentioned in my I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange pink make-up look, I wrote a review of the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange palette and I created two looks for that review. Today I’m going to tell you how I created the brown & orange look and I think it’s my favourite look of both looks. I really like that the palette has a lot of warm tones because I like to experiment with warm tones and this is just the perfect palette for it.

Make sure to check out my review as well as my pink make-up look, and I hope you guys will love this look!

1. Prime your eyelids and set it with a light/white eyeshadow.
2. Use a light shade as a base so that the other colours will be vibrant.
3. Mix a brown and orange shade for the crease.
4. Use the yellow shade to mute the colours and blend the colours.
5. Use an orange shimmer shade on your eyelid.
6. Make the outer v darker by using a dark brown shade.
7. Apply some mascara and lashes. (I forgot to take a picture when I did my lower lash line. The colours that I used are the same colours that I used in 3.)
8. Apply the highlight shade from the palette.
9. And last but not least, apply some lipstick!