Top 5 favourite teas

1. Clipper Love Me Truly
Love Me Truly is an organic chai infusion tea with ginger, orange, fennel and many more ingredients. Love Me Truly is such a lovely tea because of the ginger. I’ve never drunk ginger before so I was a bit sceptical while trying out this tea, but wow it tastes amazing! Love Me Truly was also the first Clipper tea that I’ve ever drunk so I cannot wait to taste more Clipper tea!

2. Pickwick Sterrenmunt (Dutch)
I really like the Sterrenmunt tea because it doesn’t taste like mint at all even though there’s mint in this tea. Besides the mint, you also have anise, fennel and liquorice. I don’t really know how to describe this tea but you just have to trust me and believe me when I say that I really like this tea! I don’t really know if there’s an English version of this tea, sorry!

3. Lipton Asian White & Rose
I’ve drunk this tea only twice when I was visiting my grandpa at the hospital, but I know that it’s one of my favourite teas. It’s a green tea with white tea buds and rose petals. It’s a special kind of Lipton tea because it’s an exclusive tea so I hope that I will find this tea somewhere because it’s just so good!

4. Delhaize Fruity Green Tea Mango & Kokos (Dutch)
My mum got sent different kinds of Delaize Tea and this one is by far my favourite of their tea range. I really love the taste of mango and coconut together. It’s a really fruity tea and it tastes really sweet.

5. Higher Living Very Berry
And the last tea that I have for you is the Higher Living Very Berry tea. I discovered it this summer and I fell in love with its berry taste. I love berry tea (such as the Lipton Forest Fruit tea) and this is definitely one of my favourite berry teas. It’s really sweet and even extra sweet when you add some sugar.

I hope you guys will check out these tea flavours and you can always let me know what your favourite tea(s) are!