22 Jan 2016

Wolfblood (TV show) | Review

Title: Wolfblood
Created by: Debbie Moon
Seasons (watched): 3 seasons
Rating: ★★★★

Wolfblood is a TV show about Maddy and her friends Shannon, Tom (two humans) and Rhydian (aslo a wolfblood). Maddy isn't your average girl, no she's a wolfblood. Wolfbloods are people who can shift into wolves (same as werewolves but they have another name), when they're beginning to change their eye colour changes into yellow, their veins become darker and their claws appear. Maddy and her friends have a lot of problems and secrets, but can their friendship last?

Wolfblood is actually a TV show for a younger public, so it was a little simplistic, but I really liked it. I was sick for the whole week and I watched all 3 seasons in 3 days. I liked the story and the characters. It's a catchy show and you definitely want to know how it'll end. I hated the ending of season 2 so I was glad there was a 3rd season. Unfortunately I didn't see Maddy in season 3 (but I read that it was because she was in college), but the ending of season 3 made that up! There will be a 4th season but I won't watch it because it's without Maddy, Shannon, Tom and Rhydian and they're my favourite characters. But if you're looking for a good werewolve TV show, you should definitely watch this one!

Something I also wanted to mention:
When I was watching the first episodes I noticed that I already knew the story, it was familiar and I thought that was strange. So I was looking through my werewolves-shapeshifters shelve on goodreads and I clicked on Rising Fang and I read my review and then I figured out that it was so familiar because of that book. There are some differences, but there are a lot of similarities. First I thought, maybe it was based upon the book, but then again, I got an ARC copy of the book and the author is still a teenager. So I looked up the airing date and publishing date of both and Wolfblood was aired in 2012 and Rising Fang was published in 2013... So it changed my opinion on the book and the author.

15 Jan 2016

The Crow Box | Blog tour

Title: The Crow Box
Series: The Shadow and Ink Series #1
Author: Nikki Rae

The small wooden box is dirty, the size of a human fist, and sealed with wax. When Corbin takes it upon herself to clean it and break the seal, a voice she has tried to ignore gathers strength. Shadows play on the walls at night, and with a family history of mental illness, Corbin fears the worst. But the voice tells her it is real. That its name is Six and it will prove it in time.
Drawn to this mysterious entity, Corbin isn't sure what to believe and the line between reality and her imagination blurs more every day.
Some doors should not be opened; can this one be closed?

My review
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14 Jan 2016

The Crow Box | Review

Title: The Crow Box
Series: The Shadow and Ink Series #1
Author: Nikki Rae

Pages: 103 pages
Version: Kindle (ARC)

Publisher: Selfpublished
Rating: ★★★★★

First of all I want to thank Nikki Rae for the ARC copy, you're the best!
The Crow Box is a book about Corbin and Six. Since Corbin's mom gave her a box, Corbin's been hearing a voice named Six. She thinks she's insane because her mom and grandmother both are struggling with mental issues.
When Corbin's not hearing the voice, she actually misses it. But is the voice real?

There was a new color I loved, and it technically wasn't a color at all. Black I drew in the heaviest charcoal and painted with my only one tube. I used it to line my eyes, to clothe my skin. I thought about dyeing all of the pink satin in my room the same color, but something stopped me. It was one part of my childhood -my innocent mind- that I could keep. One reminder that I didn't lose or question. Of course I always loved black. I was an art major. Of course I loved dark drama. And makeup department either. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I wanted to be coated in it. Swathed in the color like I was bathing in ink.

Corbin is an amazing character. I love her style and the way she is, because I can totally relate to her. (HELLO?! I LOVE BLACK) She has one good friend, Jordan, and they're both into art. The first time Corbin hears Six, she thinks she's hallucinating, but after thinking she's insine, she's starting to get attached to Six.

The Crow Box is such an original story and I really love that! The plot is amazing and so are the characters. I cannot wait for the sequel, so Nikki, you better start writing! ;)

4 Jan 2016

Maybe Someday | Review

Title: Maybe Someday 
Series: Maybe #1
Author: Colleen Hoover
Pages: 370 pages
Version: Paperback
Publisher: Atria

Rating: ★★★★★

There are only twenty-six letters in the English alphabet. You would think there would only be so much you could do with twenty-six letters. You would think there were only so many ways those letters could make you feel when mixed up and shoved together to make words.
Maybe Someday is a book about Sydney and Ridge. Sydney loves sitting on her balcony listening to a guy who plays guitar. One day he notices that Sydney was singing while he was playing and that’s how it all started.  They started texting and becoming friends. One day Ridge texted Sydney to tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend/ roommate. She becomes ‘homeless’ like she calls it and Ridge takes her in. Up close Ridge even looks better but then there’s the huge plot twist: Ridge is deaf.
They started making music together, he’s playing the guitar and she’s writing and singing the lyrics. And that’s how they start to fall for each other but there’s one problem: Ridge has a girlfriend, Maggie.
Sydney is such an amazing character. I love her personality and her passion for music. And Ridge, oh God, where do I begin? I just LOVE him. The fact that he’s deaf and still plays guitar is so beautiful. And he has such a hard youth with his parents and taking care of his little brother. One thing that I thought was so beautiful was the fact that he hasn’t spoken since he was 9 years old but for Sydney he spoke. Even long sentences and that really shows how much he loves her.
It’s crazy how being held by someone for just a few minutes can forever change how it feels not to be held by him. The second he releases his hold on you, it suddenly feels as if a part of you is missing.
Maybe Someday is such a heart-breaking story. I cried, like a lot. But there were also times when I was smiling or laughing out loud. I love that there’s this app so you can listen to all the songs you can read in the book, it makes the book even better. I wish that I could re-read it again without knowing the ending, because I love the book so much. Colleen Hoover made me fall in love with her characters again and I cannot wait to read another book by her.

2 Jan 2016

Beholder | Review

Title: Beholder 
Author: Nikki Rae
Pages: 20 pages
Version: Kindle (ARC)
Publisher: selfpublished
Rating: ★★★★★


Beholder is a short story that tells the story of Ryan, a serial killer. He needs to kill someone to feel better. He never really feels bad and kills with no mercy, but then he meets Chelsea.
Ryan was planning on killing Chelsea's family, but then he saw her. He killed her parents, but took her with him. He was scared of her but also in love with her. And love makes people blind.

Beholder is so dark, and I love that! Nikki Rae has an amazing way of writing and I love how she tells/writes her stories. I cannot wait to read another book by her!

I also want to thank Nikki Rae for giving me an ARC copy!