The Crow Box | Review

Title: The Crow Box
Series: The Shadow and Ink Series #1
Author: Nikki Rae

Pages: 103 pages
Version: Kindle (ARC)

Publisher: Selfpublished
Rating: ★★★★★

First of all I want to thank Nikki Rae for the ARC copy, you're the best!
The Crow Box is a book about Corbin and Six. Since Corbin's mom gave her a box, Corbin's been hearing a voice named Six. She thinks she's insane because her mom and grandmother both are struggling with mental issues.
When Corbin's not hearing the voice, she actually misses it. But is the voice real?

There was a new color I loved, and it technically wasn't a color at all. Black I drew in the heaviest charcoal and painted with my only one tube. I used it to line my eyes, to clothe my skin. I thought about dyeing all of the pink satin in my room the same color, but something stopped me. It was one part of my childhood -my innocent mind- that I could keep. One reminder that I didn't lose or question. Of course I always loved black. I was an art major. Of course I loved dark drama. And makeup department either. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I wanted to be coated in it. Swathed in the color like I was bathing in ink.

Corbin is an amazing character. I love her style and the way she is, because I can totally relate to her. (HELLO?! I LOVE BLACK) She has one good friend, Jordan, and they're both into art. The first time Corbin hears Six, she thinks she's hallucinating, but after thinking she's insine, she's starting to get attached to Six.

The Crow Box is such an original story and I really love that! The plot is amazing and so are the characters. I cannot wait for the sequel, so Nikki, you better start writing! ;)