2023 +January Bullet Journal set up

New year, new Bullet Journal! I’m so happy with my new Bullet Journal, and I’m excited to share my new spreads. This year I bought a journal on Amazon, I bought the Trendstuff Bullet Journal in a beautiful dark blue with gold colour. For my pages I used a mix of different washi tapes, brush pens and stickers. The brush pens are from Tombow, and the stickers are from Moehrenkunstshop. Before I start with my spreads, I want to apologise for the bad lighting, it’s not the best but I think everything turned out okay.

Let’s start with my 2023 set up. My journal came with an index, so I just used it. The goal of my 2023 spreads is that they’re simple, easy to use but still somewhat pretty.

Then I created a spread for some important dates and I created a spread with a ‘stay active’ tracker. I want to see how active I am, it’s kind of a goal to be more active in 2023, so we’ll see.

Next we have my bookish spreads. I created some trackers to see how much I read and what I read.

I also created some simple spreads to track which books I bought in 2023, which books I got via my Kindle Unlimited subscription, and which books I read with my buddy read friend, Sophie.

The last spread of my 2023 spreads has a tracker for how many episodes from TV shows I watched, and how many movies I watched in 2023.

For my January spreads I went with the same theme as my 2023 spreads: simple, easy to use and somewhat pretty. My January set up starts with a tiny calendar of January and the first day of January. My weekly spreads have a little habit tracker so I don’t have to make one bit habit tracker, like I did last year.

This is an example of a ‘normal week’. My weekly spreads have a lot of space because I want to use my journal like a bit of a diary. The space is so that I can write a lot.

My last spread of my January set up is a monthly wrap up with the books I need to read, the books I read, the TV shows I watched, the movies I watched, my favourites and a little overview (total books, episodes and movies).

And that’s it for my 2023 and January set up. If you want to see more of my Bullet Journal spreads, click here.