Wolfblood (TV show) | Review

Title: Wolfblood
Created by: Debbie Moon
Seasons (watched): 3 seasons
Rating: ★★★★

Wolfblood is a TV show about Maddy and her friends Shannon, Tom (two humans) and Rhydian (aslo a wolfblood). Maddy isn't your average girl, no she's a wolfblood. Wolfbloods are people who can shift into wolves (same as werewolves but they have another name), when they're beginning to change their eye colour changes into yellow, their veins become darker and their claws appear. Maddy and her friends have a lot of problems and secrets, but can their friendship last?

Wolfblood is actually a TV show for a younger public, so it was a little simplistic, but I really liked it. I was sick for the whole week and I watched all 3 seasons in 3 days. I liked the story and the characters. It's a catchy show and you definitely want to know how it'll end. I hated the ending of season 2 so I was glad there was a 3rd season. Unfortunately I didn't see Maddy in season 3 (but I read that it was because she was in college), but the ending of season 3 made that up! There will be a 4th season but I won't watch it because it's without Maddy, Shannon, Tom and Rhydian and they're my favourite characters. But if you're looking for a good werewolve TV show, you should definitely watch this one!

Something I also wanted to mention:
When I was watching the first episodes I noticed that I already knew the story, it was familiar and I thought that was strange. So I was looking through my werewolves-shapeshifters shelve on goodreads and I clicked on Rising Fang and I read my review and then I figured out that it was so familiar because of that book. There are some differences, but there are a lot of similarities. First I thought, maybe it was based upon the book, but then again, I got an ARC copy of the book and the author is still a teenager. So I looked up the airing date and publishing date of both and Wolfblood was aired in 2012 and Rising Fang was published in 2013... So it changed my opinion on the book and the author.