Ravenclaw | New Pottermore test

A long while ago I did the Pottermore test to know in which house I'd be sorted and my result was Ravenclaw. Deep down I knew that I was a true Ravenclaw but I was really scared to do the new Pottermore test. A lot of my friends did the new test and were all sorted into the wrong houses. I postponed it because I was so affraid to be also sorted into the wrong house. But today, a few minutes ago, I finally found the courage to do it. And my result is...

I'm so so so happy that I'm still a Ravenclaw! I cannot wait for my Ravenclaw scarf to arrive and wear it with pride (and also extra pride because I'm still a Ravenclaw)!

Because I did the Sorting Hat test, I thought 'why not do the Wand test' (or how it's called) and my wand is...

I think my wand is awesome because it's a core of Unicorn hair, lol! But my previous wand (the one from the old Pottermore) is so different than this one! My previous wand was made of Holly, had a dragon core, was 12 3/4 in length and was slightly springy. Strange... But oh well, I'm happy with my new one!

My status about the Harry Potter books: I've read the first two books (I know I'm bad), but I'm trying to read one HP book per month, wish me goodluck!
Status about the Harry Potter movies: I've watched them all (of course).