Get Him Back | Book Tour

Title: Get Him Back 
Author: Coralee June
Release date: 18 January 2024


Meet Jack Thompson: charming, captivating, and my newest co-worker—the same man who heartlessly ghosted me in college.

Now, it's payback time.

With a sly smile and a plan for revenge, I'm ready to make him suffer. I seduce him, unravel his world, and leave him craving more.

But to my surprise, Jack revels in the torment, finding a twisted pleasure in our vengeful escapades.

I'm not sure who's being played at this point.

I thought I had the game plan down to a science. But sometimes the line between revenge and passion is blurred—and in the biggest plot twist of all, settling scores might just mean falling head over heels.

About the author

Coralee June: Playing Cupid for fictional characters since 1991. Why? Because making my imaginary friends smooch is kinda my jam. 📖💋 English major from Texas State (because reading and daydreaming counted as studying). Now, living the chaotic dream in Dallas with three mini-mes and a husband who's still wondering what he signed up for. Loves a good laugh, especially when I'm the butt of the joke. Professional goofball and part-time writer. Dive into my world, but fair warning: I trip over air.