Animal | Review

Title: Animal
Author: Nikki Rae
Version: Kindle (beta copy)
Publisher: Selfpublished
Rating: ★★★★★


Hope was worse than love.

Ava Brooks, a 20-year-old girl, has a passion for animals. She's been working in pet stores for a while so she could save some money for college.
Ava moved into a apartment in New York for a new job in PetCity. Her one and only family, Toni is going to move in with her too. The two of them never stayed at one place for more than a year.

Things hid in the dark that could hurt me. The sun made everything safe. 

Ava's been hearing a cat in the dark for a few days, but she was too affraid to go and look. But one day she does and there begins the trouble.
Ava wakes up in a cold dark room without food. She doesn't know where she is or why she's there. But soon it'll all be clear. Michael wants Ava to be his, to be his forever.

Tired of trying. Tired of surviving. What was the point in being alive when I had no life? 

Will she make it out alive?

You have these chapters of the present and sometimes a chapter from the past. It's really interesting and not anoying. You get to know more about Ava and the others.
And the story has a multiple perspective, you read in Ava's, Michael's, Evan's, Toni's, Sam's and Myles's perspective. (Sorry if I missed someone)

And god I missed the characters from the Sunshine Series and now some of them are back. And that Myles is in Animal makes it even better! O god I missed him. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!)

This story is worth a try and hope I can read more of Nikki's work. I don't know how she does it, but she can make me think about her books and make me wonder if everything's all right with her characters. You're AMAZING Nikki!

-I want to thank Nikki Rae for the beta copy!