Shadow People | Review

Title: Shadow People
Series: The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles #2
Author: Alec John Belle
Version: Kindle (beta copy)
Publisher: Booktrope
Rating: ★★★★★

First of all I want to thank Alec John Belle for giving me a beta copy of Shadow People, the second book in The Forbidden Darkenss Chronicles!

When I started reading Shadow People I could not not love it. The characters are just amazing and the story is fast paced and easy to read.
(I even finished Shadow People in one day!)

The story itself made me smile and laugh out loud. Those moments between Heather and Philip, oh God... You should've seen my face... And that one moment that they made out on someone else's driveway...

''And by the way'', he said, ''next time you wish to make out with your boyfriend, do it on your own turf. It's not really appropriate to do in someone else's driveway.''

The story goes about Heather, who recently found out she's a Monster Hunter. She's in love with her best friend's ex, Philip. He's also a Monster Hunter and her trainer. But being in love with Philip isn't the only problem she has on her plate.

A lot happens and there are huge plot twists!

Shadow People is written with a double perspective, you read in Heather's and Hayden's perspective. I loved reading in both perspectives, especially because Alec wrote them in first person.

I love Shadow People even more than Forbidden Darkeness, and I freaking lovedForbidden Darkness! If I wasn't laughing with this book I was either looking shocked or almost crying. This book is just mindblowing!