Talon | Review

Title: Talon
Series: Talon #1
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 461 pages
Version: Paperback
Publisher: Harlequin


There are a dozen soldiers hiding in that maze. All hunting you. All looking to kill you.

Ember Hill and  Dante Hill aren't normal twins, the two redheads are dragons. They can shift into human and shift back to dragon. Ember and Dante are sent to Crescent Beach to observe and blend in, to live like humans. They have to make friends and learn how the act like them. But they may never forget that dragons aren't prey, humans are prey.

Ember Hill is our protagonist and she's amazing! But the problem is that she falls in love with a human and doubts the system of Talon.

Garret is the human Ember likes but he's not just an ordinary boy, no he's a St. George soldier. St. George is an organisation that is determined to kill all the dragons without question. Garret was like that until he met Ember. She made him smile and enjoy himself, which rarely happens. But will he kill her when he finds out that she's a dragon?

Riley/Cobalt is a rogue. A dragon who ran away from Talon and does not live by Talon's rules. When Ember sees him her dragon feels attracted to him. He gives her information about Talon which was unknown to her and he asks her to run away with him. Will she run away or stay with Dante?

In Talon you have a multiple perspective, there are chapters in the perspective of Ember, Garret, Riley/Cobalt and Dante. The multiple perspective makes it interesting to read and you can figure out what the character is feeling.

Talon is such an amazing book, I think it's so far my favourite one about dragons. It was really fast paced and the characters were enjoyable. I cannot wait to read Rogue!

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