The Long Road Home | Review

Title: The Long Road Home

Author: Alec John Belle
Pages: 227 pages
Version: Kindle (Beta)
Publisher: Booktrope
Book rating: ★★★★★

First of all, I want to thank Alec for giving me a beta copy, you truly are an amazing person!

The Long Road Home is a book about Brooke. Brooke isn’t your average happy girl in high school, no Brooke is depressed and struggles with a lot of issues. Every time Brooke falls in love with a boy, it ends terrible. It ends deadly. It all started with Ian, and there were other guys too, but Jason triggered her suicidal thoughts.

"Love is a vile thing. It’s a disease, catching you by the throat, suffocating you until there’s no air left inside. As you gasp for air, it pulls you down, further into the abyss of your heart."

After Brooke's suicide attempt, she had to go to a mental hospital. And her first day at the mental hospital already starts bad when she sees her bully, Jennifer. Jennifer is your typical popular girl and she made Brooke's life miserable. But it must mean something that she's staying there, right?

And if it wasn't already bad enough that Jennifer is there, the next day Brooke meets Matt.

"He was feeding the desire, the darkness inside me; the monster waiting to become unleashed. He was the madness in me."

Will Matt be like Ian and Jason? Or will he be different?

I  L O V E D The Long Road Home, it's raw, emotional and so so beautiful. There were times when I was reading with a smile but there were also times when I was on the verge of crying. The Long Road Home is an emotional rollercoaster and I cannot wait for another book written by Alec John Belle!