Disturbingly Beautiful | Review

Title: Disturbingly Beautiful
Series: A Paradox in Time #1
Author: J & L Wells
Version: Paperback
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: ★★★★★


I started reading Disturbingly Beautiful and I immediately loved the writing.

In the prologue I've read a little part about books and I felt so related to Nell. Sometimes I wish I could just open a book and live the life of that character.

A warm glow inside ignited her imagination, throwing her into a fictional world where books, lines and chapters from the countless book she had read came to life, filling her mind with hope. 

In the first chapter, Nell says something about books and it's just me.

She loved books, and marvelled at the dark mahogany bookcases that swept their way around the walls. Books were both her companion and passion, and had been since childhood; they opened her mind and filled her heart with wonder. 

After those two quotes I started to like Nell more and more.

When Nell met Jeremy, everything changed in Nell's life. When she touched his arm, they went to the 20th century. Everything was different for a 19th-century-girl.

But she could not stay in the 20th century when the man she loved, could not love her.

Back in the 19th century, Mr. Buchannan is asking for Nell's hand. He loves her.

My love, that one drop of blood lying between millions of snowflakes is how you stand out above all others in my heart. 

He will try anything to make her love him.

You must have no fear of me loosening you, for I shall never let you go. 

But can Nell love him?

I'm not used to reading this types of books, but that doesn't mean I don't like these types of books.
I loved reading Disturbingly Beautiful and I cannot wait to read Disturbingly Divine!!! 

-I want to thank Laura and Judy Wells for giving me a signed ARC copy, you guys are the best!