Forbidden Darkness | Review

Title: Forbidden Darkness
Series: The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles #1
Author: Alec John Belle
Version: Kindle (beta copy)
Publisher: Selfpublished when I read it, later by Booktrope
Rating: ★★★★★


I got the opportunity to beta read Forbidden Darkness and I loved it!

Our protagonist is Heather. A few days before her sixteenth birthday strange things happens. At school she got dizzy and someone's been visiting her dreams. Nothing makes sense to Heather until she almost got killed in her dream. Her best friend Kristen and her mom had been hiding secrets for Heather: she's a Monster Hunter and her mom isn't her birth mom. Didn't see that coming.

After that horrible dream they had to explain what was happening to her and who that handsome guy, Philip, with them was. Philip will be her trainer when Heather turns sixteen. But will it only be her trainer or something more?

And Alec did it again. I love his writing, his characters and I cannot wait to read more!

-I want to thank Alec John Belle for the beta copy!