The Snake Den | Review

Title: The Snake Den                                                             Series: The Shadow and Ink Series #2
Author: Nikki Rae

Pages: 125 pages
Version: Kindle (beta)

Publisher: Selfpublished
Rating: ★★★★★

First of all I want to thank Nikki Rae for the beta copy, you're the best!
The Snake Den is the second book in The Shadow and Ink Series and continues the story of Corbin and Six. Corbin's hearing a voice, Six, and in The Snake Den we get to know more about Six. Who he is, what he is and why he wants Corbin.
A lot of crazy things happen and school starts again. There's a new guy Rust, but is he the sweet guy we think he is? And is Six the guy we think he is?
The story is great, the characters are great, Nikki Rae is great and the ending is mean! The story is so good! I couldn't stop reading and it's written so beautifully. Corbin really developed into a more confident girl (not that she's more confident but she trusts and believes Six more) if you compare it to The Crow Box and the beginning of The Snake Den. She's still one of my favourite characters ever. I love that she's into art and has a grunge style. Another thing I want to say is that I love how original this story is!
I cannot wait for a sequel, so Nikki, you better start writing! ;)   
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