Confess | Review

Title: Confess
Author: Colleen Hoover
Pages: 307 pages
Version: Paperback
Publisher: Atria

Rating: ★★★★★


Maybe we don't know love like an adult knows love, but we sure as hell feel it. And right now, it feels imminently heartbreaking. 

Confess tells the story of Auburn and Owen. Auburn is 21 years old and works at a salon. After work she came across a studio with confessions. And like fate she meets Owen. Owen is 22-years-old painter and just broke up with his girlfriend. He needs someone to work for him and then he sees Auburn.
They get to know each other more and that might not be such a good idea...

The sadness feels like warmth creeping it's way up my chest, creating an insurmountable pressure the closer it gets to my heart.

Confess is yet another amazing book written by Colleen Hoover. I love Auburn and Owen. I love that Auburn doesn't go all the way immediately and debates wether or not it's smart to work for a complete stranger.
Owen is such a good and cute guy. He sacrifices himself for his father and does everything for Auburn. He's one of the best book boyfriends I've read so far. And his
initials are 'OMG' and that's one of the best ways to describe Owen.
"I think love is a hard word to define," I say to her. "You can love a lot of things about a person but still not love the whole person."

I love that Colleen Hoover always has a different story to write about, she's so original. What I also love is that the proffesions the guys perform are cool. Like Owen is a painter, Miles (Ugly Love) is a pilot, Ridge (Maybe Someday) is a musician,... I cannot wait to read another book by Colleen Hoover!

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