Graduation & going to college

Hi guys, I wanted to tell you that I graduated from high school on the 28th June and I’m so proud of myself. So proud that I made it this far and that my grades are pretty good. In the 6 years I went to my high school, I met a lot of great people and teachers, whom I now can call my friends. Here’s a picture of my entire year (we call it like that because we are split into different classes and now all the classes are together), excluding two people (one of them has to redo his math exam and the other one was not allowed to come because he did something bad this school year):

I don’t know if you know where I am on this picture, but I’m the girl with the long navy blue dress and the big smile lol.

I cannot thank my teachers and friends enough for making me the person I am right now. I’m going to miss them all, that’s for sure! I will never forget my graduation (even though I drank a lot of wine lol)!!!

Then a few days after my graduation I went to Thomas More, a college I’m going to attend in September. I went to enrol myself and it’s official: I’m going to college:

(Don’t look at my bags, I know they’re horrible!) 

I’m going to do a bachelor's degree program to become a (business) translator & interpreter with ICT skills. I love languages and working with my laptop, so I can’t wait to start my first college year!