13 Jul 2016

The creatures of the night | Tag

Here's another tag because we all love tags!

1. Vampire
One of the best vampire series is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Vampire Academy tells the story of Rose and her friend Lissa. Rose has to train to protect Lissa and she's falling in love with her trainer, Dimitri. Besides the love drama there are really cool scenes, some battles and you have 3 types of vampires: strigoi (the dead vampires), moroi (vampires with elemental abilities, like water, fire,...) and dhampir (half human, half vampire, they protect the moroi).
2. Werewolf
For werelwolf books I'm going to pick The Wolves of Mercy Falls because they were my first werewolf books I've ever read (besides Twilight). This series is written by Maggie Stiefvater and tells the story of Grace and Sam. Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house and never knew they were actual persons. When Grace meets Sam and looks in his eyes, she thinks they are so familiar. But why?
This is series is really good and I still need to read the 4th book.

3. Zombie
I actually haven't read a series about zombies. Only a stupid short story and a antology which contained a story about zombies.

4. Ghost
Anna Dressed in Blood is a really good book about ghosts. Anna Dressed in Blood is about a guy Cas and he kills ghosts. He kills them until he met Anna, a ghost. Anna kills all the humans who enter her house, but not Cas. And Cas is determined to know who Anna is and why she spared him.
5. Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster
One of the first series I read about witches was Wicca by Cate Tiernan. It's such a good series and even though there are a lot of books in the series, they're very thin. The story is about Morgan. She finds out she's a witch and she meets Cal, a guy who's also a witch (I think they call the male version also a witch, I'm not sure).
6. Fairy/Fae
The Iron Fey is definetly an amazing series about the fey! The series is written by Julie Kagawa and tells the story of Meghan, Puck and Ash. When her brother is taken away by the fey, Meghan is determined to go after him.
7. Demon
For Demons I'm going to pick the The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Clary finds out she's a shadowhunter and shadowhunters fight demons. You probably know this series so I'm not going to give a mini synopsis. I love this series and also The Infernal Devices.
8. Angel
One of the best angel series is Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I really love this series because the story is sooo good. It tells the story of Nora and Patch, a fallen angel. They meet each other at school, but after terrifying events, she's not sure she can trust him... God, if you haven't read this series, go read it!!!
9. Alien
Do you still need to ask? The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout!!!! I LOVE aliens and Jennifer did a great job creating this world of the Luxen. The story is about Katy and Daemon. Katy moves to a new town and meets Daemon. Daemon is a real ass, but Katy can't help falling in love with him.

10. Superpowered human

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is another great series. It tells the story of Juliette. Her touch is lethal. But even though her touch is deadly, Adam talks with her and they're slowly falling in love. But Warner isn't happy about that...


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