September favourites 2016

  • Vikings season 3
Even though I watched the majority of season 3 in August, but I finished season 3 in the beginning of September. I think the season 3 is not the best season of Vikings, but the ending made it all okay. There were times when I thought that if they changed specific parts, it would’ve been better. But overall I really enjoyed watching season 3! Click here to watch the trailer of season 1 (if you don’t know Vikings) and click here to watch the trailer of season 3.
  • Carrefour Smoothie Pineapple - Banana - Coconut
I love smoothies and when I went to Carrefour and saw this smoothie, I had to taste it! When I make homemade smoothies they are a lot thicker than this smoothie and that’s one of the things I like the most about this smoothie. It’s not too thick and the flavour is really good! When I read the ingredients, I thought it was kinda strange to mix these 3 fruits, but it was soooo good!
  • Matt matt matt lipstick 07 Purple Power and 08 It’s a Statement by Essence
When I heard that the matt matt matt lipsticks were coming, I was so excited! I love matt (liquid) lipsticks and it’s always handy if they’re cheap. I think Essence is a good brand, they’re cheap and still have good products. I chose a purple-like and burgundy-like colour because those are one of my favourite colours to wear on my lips. Click here to find out which colours they also have in the matt matt matt collection.
  • The Babes Passion Berry Eau de Toilette by Oriflame Cosmetics
Sometimes I sweat a lot and it doesn’t always smell that good (if you know what I mean) and I always use deodorant, but sometimes it doesn’t really work that good... I hate it, and I said it to my mum and she gave me this bottle of perfume and I love the smell! It’s such a fruity smell and I only spray it twice and you can smell the perfume for a long time.
  • Quantico
Quantico is a new TV show that I’ve been watching with my mum since September. It’s such a good TV show, I can never wait ’till the next episode airs on TV. I’m currently watching season 1. If you want to know what this TV show is about, click here to watch the trailer!
  • Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith

Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between is such a good book! It’s the best book I’ve read this month. The story is so realistic and so are the characters. This book is the reason why I want to read more books written by Jennifer E. Smith. Click here for more information about the book and click here for my review.

(Sorry that the light of the pictures is different. I took them at different moments. And I forgot to take a picture of the book too, so I used my Instagram picture!)