Sugar skull tutorial | Halloween

And the last Halloween tutorial is a sugar skull kinda look. I love sugar skulls and I really wanted to make one. I hope you'll enjoy this make-up tutorial!

Products used:
  • Black and white body paint (mine are in stick form)
  • Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
  • Essence All Eyes On Me waterproof mascara
  • 2B kajal-khôl cream velvet eyeliner
  • 2B eyeshadow in black
  • Essence lipstick 19 black gossip
  1. The first thing you gotta do is make your face pale. You can do this with foundation or face paint. I used a face paint stick in white and I used my beauty blender to blend everything.
  2. Draw 2 circles around your eyes with an eye pencil. Fill the circles in with black face paint. 
  3. Go over the black face paint with a black eyeshadow to set the paint. 
  4. Draw little circles around the big circles, like you would draw a basic flower, with a black eyeliner.
  5. Fill in the tip of your nose and make the end a little pointy.
  6. Draw a line from the corner of your mouth until the end of your cheekbone. Add 3 small lines in the beginning, so it kinda looks like the line of your teeth. 
  7. Fill your lips with a black lipstick. I overdrew my lips a little, it was not on purpose, but I think it looks good.
  8. Draw two curly lines on your forehead; You can choose what you want to draw. I just drew these lines so my forehead didn't look empty. 
  9. Fill your upper and lower waterline with black (gel) eyeliner.
  10. And the final step is to use some mascara.
And you're finished!