College update #1

Hi guys! I decided to do a 'college update' because I wanted to talk about college. I'm going to college more or less 2 months and I think I'm doing okay. I have a lot of work, a lot of homework and I have to study a lot, but overall everything is okay.

The first few days of college were a bit odd because it wasn't the same as high school. The building was bigger, more students and the behaviour of the teachers is also different. For example, in high school you always had class from the first minute 'till the last minute and now they teach until they want. Some teachers stop earlier, but I don't mind!

Even though college is different I still have the 'high school' feeling. It's probably because I have such a small class, I think more or less 20 students. And I have class in classrooms like in high school, never in a really large classroom (don't know the word in English, it's really large, a lot of seats for more or less 100-200 people).

I was afraid to make friends because I'm very shy and have anxiety, but this time it was okay. I made friends very quickly and I'm happy to be around them.

Something I'm also looking forward to, is the exchange with a French school (in Belgium). My French is not that good so this is an amazing opportunity to improve my English. In the second semester of school we're going 1 day to the French school, Helha, and the next day they're coming to our school. This week I got an e-mail address from one of the students because I have to send e-mails to him/her. My correspondent is a girl called Laura and I like her so much. She answered the next day and she's also excited as I am. I have to write in French to her so she can correct my French and she has to write in Dutch to me so I can correct her Dutch.

I'm happy that school is more or less okay and I'll probably make another college update after my exams.