October favourites 2016

  • Cozz Cosmetics lip balm
Cozz Cosmetics is an unknown brand for me, but my mum bought the lip balms because she knows I love lip balms. You have three tastes: Vanilla, Cherry and Strawberry. My mum bought all 3 for me and the Vanilla one for herself. When I opened the lip balm, you could really smell the scent and when I put it on my lips it was like heaven. I love creamy lip balms, and these are just perfect!
(On the picture you can see the Cherry one.)
  • Teen Wolf season 2 & 3
I watched the entire season 2 in 4 days… That explains a lot, right? I watched season 1 a long long long time ago and season 2 never came on TV, which was a bummer! But someone gave me season 2, 3 and 4 so I was sooo happy. I really really really loved season 2 and I finished season 3 in more or less 1 week. (I'm addicted)
  • Grenadine
Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of water with grenadine. I love the sweet taste of it and it gives me energy. When I’m tired (because of school, …) and drink the grenadine I’m more awake. (Probably because of the sugars in it.) ;)
  • Halloween lights
For Halloween I bought two sets of lights: lights in the form of pumpkins and lights in the form of purple bats. Both of these lights are sooo adorable! I decorated my bookshelves with them and I think it looks soo pretty! I might even let them hang a bit longer than just October.
  • Ravenclaw bookmark and Hogwarts notebook
On the last day of October I went to a bookstore and found this bookmark and notebook. I’m such a Harry Potter fan so I had to buy it! I think the bookmark is so beautiful, and to be honest I’m so happy that there’s a Ravenclaw one because most of the time they only make Slytherin and Gryffindor. The notebook is so pretty too! I love the illustrations on the inside!