4 Dec 2016

November Favourites 2016

  • Teen Wolf season 4 & 5 & 6
If you've read my October Favourites, you should know that I watched season 2 and 3 in October. When I finished season 3, I immediately started in season 4 and... I finished season 4 in two days... ADDICTED!!! After season 4, I started watching season 5 and that's also finished. I finished season 5 a week before season 6 started, just in time! And I love the few episodes I watched from season 6!
  • Matt matt matt 02 perfect match
I bought this colour last month and I've been wearing this lipstick almost every week. I love this colour, it's a subtle pink and I can't resist wearing it! I love the matt matt matt range and this one is definitely one of my favourites (I own 4 colours of the collection: 02, 03, 07, 08).
  • Stranger Things season 1
Stranger Things looked like an interesting TV show, so I wanted to watch it when I finished season 5 of Teen Wolf, when I had more time to watch another TV show on my laptop. In the beginning I thought it was a bit strange, but the more episodes I watched, the more I loved the show!
  • Suicide Squad (movie)
Harley Quinn is for sure my favourite character and I was watching some clips of her and The Joker from the movie and I just had to watch the movie. First I was waiting for the movie to be on TV so I could watch it with my mum, but I couldn't resist it. I watched the movie on my laptop without my mum but I just had to watch it! And I loved every bit of it! Especially the parts with Harley Quinn and The Joker!

Sorry that I don't have many products to show you guys but school is so so so busy :(

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