Top 5 TV Shows

Hi guys! I wanted to share my favourite TV shows with you. I do love other TV shows, but these are the ones I really really love at the moment. (These TV shows are not in order!)

1. Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf is a TV show about Scott and his friends. Scot has been bitten by a werewolf and has to deal with the problems that come with being a werewolf. At the moment I'm watching season 6 and I'm loving it. In the beginning it's only about werewolves and later on there are other supernatural creatures and supernatural problems. I think it was a great idea to not only make the TV show about werewolves.
Click here to watch the trailer of season 1.

2. Quantico
Quantico tells the story of people who want to become FBI agents and have to learn at Quantico how to become one. They're trained and meanwhile a lot of things happen. One of the great things about this TV show is that it's not only in present time (the time at the academy) but also in the future, what happens when they're graduated). I finished season 1 and I'm waiting for season 2 to air in Belgium!
Click here to watch the trailer of season 1.

3. Once Upon A Time
Who doesn't love fairy tales? This series is amazing. It's a whole other look at fairy tales, they're modern and a little different (but I don't mind). The story is about Emma, who is apparently the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Emma had the idea that her parents left her behind because they didn't want her, but that's not the truth. And by going to Storybrook she discovers the truth about everything. But does she believe it? I'm up to date with the TV show.
Click here to watch the trailer of season 1.

4. Shadowhunters
Shadowhunters is one of my favourites because it's based on one favourite book series, The Mortal Instruments. The movie was good but also a bit of a disappointment. So I was excited when they announced that they were going to make a TV show. I think it was good that they said that it wasn't going to be the same, because then I was prepared. But I don't mind the changes, I think the TV show is really good! I am watching season 2 at the moment.
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Click here to find out more about the book series.

5. The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries is a TV show about.... VAMPIRES! Who doesn't love sexy, good-looking vampires? The TV show is about Elena, her friends and the Salvatore brothers. With every season there's more drama and more love. It's such a good TV show! I'm watching season 7 at the moment.
Click here to watch the trailer of season 1.

Make sure that you check these TV shows out and let me know if you liked one of them!