24 Feb 2017

Secrets of a Reluctant Princess | Review

Title: Secrets of a Reluctant Princess
Author: Casey Griffin
Pages: 320 pages
Version: ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Entangled: Teen
Rating: ★★★★


Secrets of a Reluctant Princess tells the story of Adrianna (Andy) Bottom. She moved to Beverly Hills because her dad's toilet products have been a hit in the market and now they're rich. And because of that, there'll be a TV show about them, called Bathroom Barons. Adrianna doesn't feel like a celebrity and hates the way her stylists dress her. She's an real geek. But because she'll be on TV, she has to change her look and her behaviour. She wants to be a cool kid but she falls in love with a geek, called Kevin. Will she give up her status of cool kid or will she admit her feelings for Kevin?

Secrets of a Reluctant Princess is such an enjoyable read. I finished it in one day because it's so fast paced and easy to read. The story is really funny and sometimes dramatic, but that makes the book so good. I love the geeky things in Secrets of a Reluctant Princess because I'm a geek myself. I love reading contemporary/young adult books like this one, so I highly recommend Secrets of a Reluctant Princess to everyone who loves contemporary/young adult books!

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