Perfect Imperfections | Review

Title: Perfect Imperfections
Series: Moments Series #1
Author: J & L Wells
Pages: 359 pages
Version: Paperback (ARC)
Rating: ★★★★★


Perfect Imperfections tells the story of Tash (full: Natasha) and her love life. She's been together with her youth love, Josh, for 10 years and it ended all of a sudden. Josh found another woman, Michelle. Tasha is devastated and finds solace with Gabriel, an artist who painted her. They become closer, but will they be able to piece together one another's perfect imperfections?

Perfect Imperfections is such a good book! Wow! It's definitely my favourite book written by J. & L. Wells. In the beginning it was a bit slow, but when I read more, I couldn't stop. It's so fast paced and interesting. The story is very unique and I just love it! Tasha is such a nice main character and Gabriel is hot and funny. And there was this plot twist that I didn't see coming and I was crying for like an hour. Perfect Imperfections is so good and I highly recommend it!