Shadowhunters SE2A | Review

Title: Shadowhunters
Created by: Ed Decter
Based on: The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
Seasons (watched): 1.5 season
Rating: ★★★★


Overall Shadowhunters was again really good, but when I go deeper into details it wasn't always that good. I'm going to sum up some good and some bad things from the first part of season 2. (Please be aware that the following points are spoilers!!!)

-Alec & Magnus' relationship
-Valentine finally says that Clary & Jace are not siblings and that he's not his father.
-Certain things are similar to the book, such as: the soul sword, the angel, Simon feeding on Jace and being able to go into the sun,...
-Max' first rune/the ceremony

-Clary being in a relationship with Simon
-The special effects when the angel flies away and that the angel looked really old and ugly
-Jocelyn's death
-Clary going to a warlock to bring her mum back, sealing a blood oath and having to mate with a demon

This is not everything, but I don't want to make this list too long. I think there were a lot of strong scenes and some character development in the series but there were also things that could've been better.