Don't Kiss the Messenger | Review

Title: Don't Kiss the Messenger
Series: Edgelake High School #1
Author: Katie Ray
Pages: 285 pages
Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush
Rating: ★★★★


Don't Kiss the Messenger tells the story of CeCe Edmonds. CeCe had a car accident when she was younger and because of that she has a scar on her face. She's been dealing with a lot of stares and whispers about her scar, so now she's tough and doesn't back away when someone's mean to her. It looks like she's fine, but she's not. She desperately wants someone to love her for who she is, but everyone only sees her scar... Until Emmett...

I really liked Don't Kiss the Messenger. I thought it was going to be like all the other books but it wasn't. I really liked the fact that CeCe got to know Emmett while she was texting/mailing for Emmett. But I do think Emmett is kinda stupid lol. It was so obvious that Bryn wasn't the girl he thought she was.

There are also some deep conversations about beauty and scars, and I really loved that. I have scars myself and sometimes I think that's the only thing other people see, but my scars aren't the things that define me. I really loved that Katie Ray put something like this in Don't Kiss the Messenger. It's such a life lesson and thank you for that!