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Other Breakable Things
by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood
Publication Date:  April 4 ,2017
Publisher:  Entangled Teen

According to Japanese legend, folding a thousand paper cranes will grant you healing.

Evelyn Abel will fold two thousand if it will bring Luc back to her.

Luc Argent has always been intimately acquainted with death. After a car crash got him a second chance at life—via someone else’s transplanted heart—he tried to embrace it. He truly did. But he always knew death could be right around the corner again.

And now it is.

Sick of hospitals and tired of transplants, Luc is ready to let his failing heart give out, ready to give up. A road trip to Oregon—where death with dignity is legal—is his answer. But along for the ride is his best friend, Evelyn.

And she’s not giving up so easily.

A thousand miles, a handful of roadside attractions, and one life-altering kiss later, Evelyn’s fallen, and Luc’s heart is full. But is it enough to save him? Evelyn’s betting her heart, her life, that it can be.

Right down to the thousandth paper crane.


Title: Other Breakable Things
Author: Kelley York & Rowan Altwood
Pages: 290 pages

Version: Ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Rating: ★★★★★

Other Breakable Things tells the story of Evelyn and Luc. They've been friends when they were younger but Evelyn had to leave town for her mother's boyfriend. Three years later they meet each other and they decide to leave town together. Both for another reason. Evelyn feels like a second choice to her mum and her mother's boyfriend did certain things that a stepdad shouldn't do. Luc has problems with his heart, he had a heart transplant a few days after Evelyn left town, but his body is rejecting the heart. He decided to take this trip to go to Oregon, for euthanasia. Evelyn doesn't know a thing about his illness or euthanasia until he's really sick and needs to go to the hospital. Will she stay with him after she figured out his plan?

Other Breakable Things is such a heartbreaking story. Wow. It was so beautiful yet so sad. It was really fast paced and I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen and how they were going to solve their problems/disputes. At the end I couldn't stop crying. It was hard to read and cry at the same time, but I managed!

I really really love Other Breakable Things and I highly recommend it!

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Kelley York and Rowan Altwood are a wife and wife writing team living in central California with their daughter and way too many cats. Kelley is the author of Hushed, Made of Stars, and Modern Monsters, and Other Breakable Things is Rowan’s debut.