April favourites 2017

TV shows/Movies
  • Confess
Confess is such a beautiful book written by Colleen Hoover and this month the TV show released. It has 7 episodes and I loved it. It was so beautiful and I was crying at the end, oops! I do want to say that not everything is the same as in the book, but I don't really mind. They've announced that there were going to be changes and because of that I was prepared and loved the show anyway! And like always, I have some links for you guys: click here to read my review of the book and click here to see my book inspired make-up look.
  • Thirteen Reasons Why
Thirteen Reasons Why is a TV show based on the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I loved the book and I love the TV show. Not everything is the same, and in the beginning it annoyed me but then around episode 6 I started to love the show. It's so good and just wow. Click here to read my review and click here to watch the trailer.

  • Dance Academy season 3
It's been a long time since I've watched season 2 of Dance Academy but I was looking at my Watchlist on TVShow Time so I thought, why not watch Dance Academy? I watched 5 episodes on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. And I loved every bit of it. I've always been in love with ballet so I love reading and watching TV shows about ballet. And this is one of my favourites! Click here to watch the trailer of season 1.

  • The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Problem with Forever is such a beautiful book and so deep. The story itself is hard but also something like a life lesson. That no matter how hard life is and you might feel like giving up, there'll always be someone to help you. I've read and loved other books by Jennifer L. Armentrout and The Problem with Forever is yet another amazing book written by her. She's one of my favourite authors!Click here to see my inspired make-up look and click here to find out more about the book.
  • Other Breakable Things by ...
I was given an ARC copy by Chapter by Chapter to read and review the book and wow. It's so good. It was so beautiful and heartbreaking and I got some Me Before You vibes, and it was really enjoyable to read. At the end I was crying non-stop and I highly recommend this book! Click here to read my review!

  • Essence chrome eyeliner pen: 02 do you hear the chirping birds?
I love love love this eyeliner pencil. I love to put it on my waterline to make my eyes pop. When I just wear mascara, it gives something extra to my look! Unfortunately it's a trend edition so it's available for a specific period. Click here to check the edition out!
  • 2B Blush Powder Highlighter in 01 Silver
This highlighter is so blinding! WOW! I've never bought anything by 2B but now I know that I'll probably be buying more of their brand. I really love the highlighter and I cannot wait to see what they have in store! Click here to check out their website!

Other things
  • Groezrock 2017
Groezrock is a metalcore, hardcore and punk festival in Belgium and this is my fifth time going to Groezrock. I think that this year wasn't such a good year because there weren't a lot of bands that I liked but I do loved: Stick To Your Guns, In Hearts Wake and Counterfeit. I saw other bands that I liked but these are the ones that I wanted to see. But I wanted to put this festival in my favourites because I made some new friends and had a great time laughing with them and getting to know them.