Black Dawn | Review

Title: Black Dawn
Series: Black Dawn #1
Author: Mallory McCartney
Pages: 180 pages
Version: ebook (ARC)
Publisher: Clean Reads
Rating: ★★★


Black Dawn tells the story Emory, Memphis and Brokk. Emory is the long lost queen and she must save her people from Adair, their mad king.
Emory didn't know she was a queen or that she had a special ability until Memphis and Brokk brought her back to Kiero. It's hard for her to believe everything they say because she doesn't have her memories of what happened in Kiero when she was younger... Memphis and Brokk are trying to help her by giving her, her old memories, and are trying to convince her to fight Adair, but will she believe them?

Black Dawn is the first book in the Black Dawn series and I liked it. I like reading about special abilities and shapeshifters so it was really enjoyable to read. I liked the multiple perspective because I got to know a lot more about the characters, but I still have some questions. I want to know why Emory and Memphis did certain things and how Brokk is dealing with certain things. I'll be looking forward to reading the sequel!