ACOWAR inspired make-up look | Tutorial

Hi guys! The A Court of Thorns and Roses series is one of my all-time favourite book series and when I got A Court of Wings and Ruins in my hands, I just had to create another book inspired make-up look! My look is a little greener than the book itself, but I used the lightest and most blue-like green eyeshadows I had. Even though it's not the same green, I still love the look I created. It's the first time that I made such a 'dramatic' eyeshadow look, it's a winged eyeshadow look and I LOVE it! I hope you guys love it too! I also wrote an English review and a Dutch review, so make sure you check it out!

1. This is probably the first tutorial where I used concealer but I had so many spots and redness, that I just had to conceal it! This is also the first time that I used the Nyx concealer and I really like it! It's also the lightest shade because I'm pale AF.
2. After concealer you should powder, duhh! I used the green loose powder on my cheeks because they're always read and green helps covering it. I used the Catrice powder for the rest of my face.
3. After concealer and powder, we start with our eyes. First we need to prime before we're going to use eyeshadows.
4. After the primer I used a light green eyeshadow in the crease.
5. After the light green, I used a darker green to darken the look. I used this colour in the crease and also on my lid because I decided that I wanted to use some gold in the middle of my eyelid.
6. So like I mentioned, I put some gold in the middle of the eye.
7. I used a black eyeshadow to darken the look even more and give it some definition.
8. Using a gel eyeliner makes your eyeliner stay put the entire day. I used the gel eyeliner on my upper and lower waterline. (BTW I'm looking for a good cruelty-free gel eyeliner, if you know one, let me know!!!)
7. To make the eyeshadow more like a winged eyeshadow, I used the dark green on the lash line and even more below the lash line.
8.Then to darken the look again, I used the black eyeshadow on the lash line.
9. I know I used the gold single eyeshadow to let the look pop with some gold, but I thought that these 2 highlighters made it even better. I also used these highlighters in the inner corner of my eyes and later in the tutorial on my nose, forehead, temples and cheekbones.
10. One of the best parts of the look: lashes. Lately I love applying eyelashes so I always look forward to struggle with the eyelashes and the glue! 😛
11. I thought that the look could even use more gold, so I used a gold eyeliner on the inner part of the lash line.
11. Like I mentioned before, I used these 2 highlighters on the rest of my face.
12. I wasn't sure what/which lipstick to use for this look, but I love wearing black lipstick so that became the lip colour for this look.
13. In my ACOMAF look I also made this gold stripe on my lips and I thought it looked cool so that's why I did it again!
I hope that you guys love this look! 💚