La Famille Bélier | Review

Title: La Famille Bélier
Directed by: Éric Lartigau & Philippe Rousselt
Produced by: Éric Jehelmann, Stéphanie Bermann, Victoria Bedos and Stanislas Carré de Malberg

Written by: Thomas Bidegain & Éric Lartigau


La Famille Bélier tells the story of Paula Bélier and her family. Paula is the only hearing person in her family, her mother, father and brother are all deaf. Her family also has a farm so she's in charge of dealing with customers. Besides being their translator, she's going to school and starts to sing at a school orchestra. She loves singing and her teacher finds out she has an amazing voice. Besides singing, she's also falling in love...

La Famille Bélier is such a beautiful and funny movie. I enjoyed watching it! I loved the fact that there was French sing language. I'm used to watching Switched at Birth, so American sign language, and I loved seeing the differences and similarities in the sign language. Besides the sign language, I also loved the singing. Paula (or Louane in real life) has such a beautiful voice and I loved watching her sing. She's so talented!

I watched this movie because I knew Louane was going to play Paula, and I didn't regret that decision. I loved watching the movie and I'll definitely see it again! The second reason that I watched this movie was to improve my French. For those who also want to see the movie: there are English subtitles. I highly recommend this movie and now I want to watch more French movies and movies with Louane in it!