5 Aug 2017

New products from Essence (August 2017)

Essence is going to come out with a lot of new products next week and I'm so excited! Essence is a cruelty-free and affordable brand, which are two things that I love! The following products are the products that I'm excited for and that I cannot wait to try out!

I love matt lipsticks so I want to give the butter stick matt love lipsticks a try. I love the colours so I'm excited to try them out!

I love vibrant eyeliners and these extreme lasting eye pencils look really creamy! 
I love love love glitter so these moon glitters are definitely something for me!

I might want to try this foundation and primer because they look so nice. I've never used a foundation so that'll be something new, but I really like the packaging but I HOPE that the shade 10 is really fair, because I'm pale af.

Tools & accessories
And the last thing I want to buy from the new Essence products is this brush. It looks so good and you can never have enough brushes. I love buying make-up brushes that are colourful!

Essence is bringing out a lot of new products and these are the ones I definitely want to try out. To be honest, I'll probably buy more than just this list, haha I know myself!😅 Let me know what products you are going to buy! 💕

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