Shadowhunters SE2B | Review

Title: Shadowhunters
Created by: Ed Decter
Based on: The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
Seasons (watched): 2 seasons
Rating: ★★★★★

Overall Shadowhunters was again: really good, but to be honest not always that good. There are a lot of '+' but also some '-'. Mainly because I was kind of thinking about the books while watching the show and they changed a lot of things. Sometimes they added certain things to the show that are so meaningless but then again sometimes it was something good. These things always happen when they do a book-to-movie/TV show adaptation but I think there are also a lot of scenes that are more or less like in the books and I really liked those scenes. They weren't always 100% the same, but they have similarities and I liked those scenes!

And if you've read my season 2A review, you might see that here are a lot more +/-, but that's because I started writing this review while watching every episode and in my season 2A review, I started writing after the last episode and I couldn't remember every detail of all the episodes. All the '+' and '-' are in chronological order!

I do want to say that I gave season 2B 5 stars, so 1 star more than season 2A, and that's because I feel like they were more true to the book this time and I loved the final episode, episode 20. I cannot wait for season 3!

Please be aware that the following points +/- are spoilers!!!

-The new intro
-I thought it was kind of beautiful when Sebastian was making Clary feel all her horrible feelings all over again so she could finally draw new runes. It was hard, I admit, but also so beautiful because we could relive all these emotions and saw Katherine McNamara act properly. It might sound harsh, but she isn't the best actrice, in my opinion, but I see some improvements.
-I loved the end of episode 12 because Jace finally knows that he's a Herondale and that part of his grandmother was so beautiful. I had tears in my eyes
-Simon's little gig in episode 13
-Kissing scene between Clary and Jace at the Seelie Court
-Maia and Simon
-Clace moment in episode 16
-Malec moments in episode 18
-Clace moment in episode 19
-Malec moment in episode 20
-Clary being in a relationship with Simon
-I hated the fact that Izzy was addicted to vampire venom
-Magnus Bane and Valentine were switched at the end of episode 11 and in episode 12?!?!
-Maia and Jace?!?!
-Max isn't dead like in the books. Sebastian/Jonathan did kill Max in the books and Max died
-All the chaos that's coming because of the Seelie Queen